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Ago’s strategy for achieving its operative and financial targets is to:

  • focus on the core business carried out by four business streams - Construction, Residential Project Development and Commercial Project Development,
  • be an international company with local businesses that have leading positions in selected home markets,
  • take advantage of the collective resources and strengths of the Ago - brand, employees and financial strength,
  • foresee and manage risks in its construction business with the help of well-functioning risk management systems,
  • be leader in technology as well as safety, ethics and the environment.

Code of conduct

It is Ago's key responsibility to develop and maintain an economically sound and prosperous business. Ago as a business with a history and future assumes its responsibilities. These include our responsibilities, communities and environments in which we operate, toward our employees and business partners and toward society in general.


Ago's operations are aimed at satisfying people's need for housing, work environments and communications opportunities.

Ago's work is characterized by responsiveness to consumers' needs and the implementation of projects based on environmental concern, quality and reliability.

In order to achieve the best possible solutions, Ago contributes its skills at all stages - from ideas and development to construction, as well as operation and maintenance.

Ago is active throughout the value circle - everything from small building service contracts to assuming total responsibility for identifying and solving the customers' long-term needs of construction-related services.

Within Ago's project development operations, there is the initiation of work premises, homes and infrastructure facilities. These projects are sold when they have been fully developed.

Ago’s skills

Ago stands for technical know-how and competence. The ability to apply these skills to new areas enables us to produce the innovation that our customers demand. This is the basis of long-term customer relationships. Ago operates within the whole value-circle, from small-scale building projects to total responsibility in meeting customers’ long-term needs within construction-related services.

Where to go next?

“Ago's mission is to develop, build and service the physical environment for living, working and traveling.
Ago shall be leader – the customer's first choice – in construction-related services and project development.”

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