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Real Estate

Ago Real Estate is a commercial real estate consultancy. We are based in Prague and we give advice and support to end-users of commercial real estate anywhere in Czech Republic.

If you are planning to locate or expand your business in Czech Republic then we will be your business partner in developing and implementing your real estate objectives. We will not only save you valuable time, but we also have the experience to save you money right off your bottom line.

We aim to help you to make best use of your real estate assets. We try to reduce the time that you need to spend on property issues, so that you can focus on what you do best - your core business.

We reduce your costs, you make the profit.

Real Estate is less important than your business. Our mission is to ensure that real estate is a servant to your corporate objectives. Making real estate fit your business isn't difficult - but it's amazing how often we find the tail wagging the dog!

Why Ago?

What is the common thread which links our clients?

It doesn’t have much to do with the size of their business, nor does it have anything to do with the geographical location of their operations. In the main, our clients are looking for expertise – at a realistic price and that is exactly what we give them.

What kind of companies use Ago Real Estate?

More often than not, our clients are international businesses coping with expansion in Czech Republic. In many cases they are coming to Europe for the first time and are looking for local knowledge.

What differentiates Ago from the rest?

We develop meaningful relationships with our clients. We listen first, ask questions second and offer advice last. We are as flexible as you want us to be. We can deliver our service in any way that suits you best. We are small enough to be able to give all of our clients a "big fish" service.

Our Services

Where to go next?

“Having to adapt in a foreign country, you have to face many difficulties, so let us make life easier for you and assist you in solving these problems.”

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