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You would be amazed to know some of the corporations that don't have full control of their property portfolios. Some of these companies are household names and they have only recently faced up to the fact that they don't know everything that they should about the real estate that they use for their business. If that is true for your business then maybe it's a relief to know that you aren't alone….

We have carried out Property Audits for more than one client that discovered properties they didn't even know they had!

We can give you a complete summary of your property holdings and liabilities, highlighting where you are exposed to risk and/or unnecessary costs. No two audits are the same - every time they are tailored to your needs.

An audit may be the first step in a full rationalisation process. An audit gives you confidence for the future - maintenance planning enables you to budget consistently, key date awareness reduces the risk of financial embarrassment.

We will listen to you before recommending the content of a property audit. The whole process can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

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