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It is impossible to run a business without encountering real estate. Property isn't a necessary evil; it provides your business with a spring board for profit. However you can't get away from the fact that property needs to be acquired and disposed of in the normal course of your business.

Once you have decided on the right location and found a suitable property we will manage all of the transactions associated with those decisions. When you have agreed terms to dispose of a property that is surplus to your needs we will manage the transaction on your behalf.

We work as a part of your team - surveyors, brokers, solicitors, space planners, fit out/design consultants, suppliers, IT consultants, communications engineers etc. There are so many component parts of this team that there is huge potential for one or more disciplines to go off at a tangent without the others knowing it.

Communication is the key - we are your eyes and ears, reporting back on current status, developing ideas, checking progress, creating cross-flows of information within the team.

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